Certified massage therapist
Simo Tommola


Kangasvuorentie 6 A5

Kangasvuorentie 6 A5  
 40320 Jyväskylä

Tallimäentie 82
  41770 Leivonmäki

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Booking:   tel. 0400-594436

   30 min   25 €
   60 min   42 €
   90 min   53 €
 120  min   65 €
I give massage targeted to the customer's needs and problems. After assessing client´s pain conditions and movement restrictions i choose the most effective treatmet method.
I use the swedish massage, sports massage, nerve pathways massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure and asian massage techniques. Effectiveness of the treatment will also be improved in some cases by mobilization and stretching. This kind of holistic integrated treament gives better result for many myofascial disorders, as it can reach also deep muscles, muscle membranes, nervous system and joints.
Is the massage painful?
To obtain a good contact to the treated tissue  may  my touch feel sometimes a bit sore. However, i don´t use any exessive force and by peaceful working pace the massage does not feel painful. If the goal  is just to relax,  massage is a lighter classical massage-based treatment.

I give also Traditional Thai massage and Thai yoga massage. Both techniques focus on the body's energy lines that are activated by different kind of compressions and stretchings . The massage lasts for 1.5 - 2 hours , and it takes you through the entire body from toes to head. Since the client is being moved to different positions during the treatment, thai massage is done at floor on  mattress . Thai massage is performed without oil through clothing. Clients ars recommended to bring a thin and flexible clothing for Thai massage treatment .
I belong to the central registry of health care professionals ( Valvira ) .
Welcome to a massage !

Vocational training:

Cert. massage therapist

Jyväskylän aikuisopisto


Chinese Tuina massage
basic level

Dantian-clinic, Turku

Jari Siipola

Professional Thai-massage

Chetawan Health School, Bangkok

Wat Po

Advanced & Stetches

Sunshine institute, Chiang Mai

Trayl Cade

Abdominal Chi Massage

Sunshine institute, Chiang Mai

Doris Kolling

Intensive Massage Course
for therapists

Imm Eco, Chiang Mai

Felicity Keebaugh
Trayl Cade

Acupressure for Ortopedic Disorders

International Massage Academy, Tallinna

Noam Tylorer

Nerve massage basics

Terveyspysäkki, Jyväskylä

Mirjami Lahtinen

Spinal Mechanics and
Joint Mobilization

Bergen Body  Work

Art Riggs